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Youth Weekend Away 2017


We had a great weekend, taking 17 teenagers away for a chance to stop, relax, have fun and explore more about how God loves them, adopts them, walks with them, would give everything for them and gives them a hope for the future. It’s great that several want to explore baptism and confirmation, its great that they felt so at home, it was great to see them look after one another and great to see them have some well deserved rest and realise they are precious to God before they do or prove anything. Bring on next year!

If you’re missing it already – we have the reunion next Sunday evening with pizza pictures and games to reminisce about the weekend. This Sunday, 6:30-7:45 in the Barnabas Centreย 

New Term, come and join us!

If you’re not a “churchy person” but you’re interested in faith, this is how our Friday Night Youth young people describe church.
It’s the start of a new term and if you would like to join us for the first time or rejoin us if you’ve not been for a while, in any of our groups, you would be very welcome and we’d love to see you there
Here are some of them, they all kick off next week, take your pick!

Soul Survivor 2017

We’re back from our first and awesome trip to Soul Survivor. It was amazing to worship Jesus together to be reminded of his love for us and to tackle those things that have worn us down. told us we’re not worthy and made us feel rubbish. We were all reminded how much God loves us and how he enables us to live in that freedom, share it with others, pray for others and help those in need.

I absolutely loved it and I’m so excited to take them and even more young people next year. But for now, it’s putting that lived out love into practice, to go and love and inspire like Jesus in our everyday groups, interactions and relationships.

I felt so privileged to see so many young people worshipping Jesus and over 1,000 young people choose Jesus for the first time, just in the week we were there! And it was great to get to know other young people who we camped, ate and shared with, they made it so special.

God is good, God is awesome. God is love. God makes the difference.


Soul Survivor!


In a week’s time some of our young people are off to Soul Survivor for the first time.

It’s time to learn more about jesus and his love for us and the world and how we can make a difference.

Please keep the young people in your prayers, we’re excited for a fantastic week together!

Rend Collective Tour


Rend Collective have a 2018 Tour booked! We’re hoping to take some young people for an awesome night of loud music and cool lights and worship together.

If you’re interested, grab a flyer from Lou, limited spaces and we need to book soon before tickets run out!

Thursday 8th Feb in the evening, Riverside Centre, Derby (transport will be provided.)

Tickets: ยฃ10 (subsidised by us from ยฃ18 to make them more affordable.)

Heaven is for Real.


This Sunday evening we have a youth film night with food drinks and a film that helps us to think about the big questions of life and death, loss and hope, heaven and what matters in this life. This is based on the story of a boy who believes he goes to heaven after a near death experience, it’s a compelling and powerful film and very apt considering recent events and how we process what has happened and how we face life to it’s fullest.

All welcome, we’d love to see you there. It’s all free, just a comfy space with good food, a good film and good company ๐Ÿ™‚

This Sunday evening 6:30pm-8:30pm – The Barnabas Centre. Contact Lou if you need any more details ๐Ÿ™‚

Watch the trailer here

Pray for our World


On Sunday morning in youth we spent some time praying for London, Manchester, Kabul, Baghdad and the rest of the world, including the loss suffered in our own community in the last few weeks.

We believe God hears our prayers and cares for the things that are on our hearts, they are things that break his heart too.



Last night at FNY we had a prayer room available to pray for our world and for events closer to home, including this week’s Manchester attack. It’s important that our young people know that God cares deeply about these things and to give them an opportunity to respond and reflect in times like this.

We continue to pray for manchester and our world, for love, hope and peace.

There’s always hope…


This week Steve and I have been into Manor High School, sharing the message of Pentecost with over 900 young people. A reminder that we celebrate God’s love and invitation for everyone, the invitation is universal, the response is personal but even the most surprising “outsiders” aren’t outside God’s love. We shared this story to show God in action in this truth. *click the picture to see the video.

It was well received by the staff and students and we hope and pray that they will have taken something away with them this week. ๐Ÿ™‚

Youth Mentoring


We are just starting a mentoring programme with our young people, providing them with mentor from church who they can talk life and faith with, who they can ask questions of and share experiences, who can be faithfully praying for them in the ups and downs of life.

If this is something as a young person, you think you’d be interested in, then do let me know. ๐Ÿ™‚

The current plan is to pair people up with a mentor for 6 months, meeting approx every 6 weeks in a cafe or coffee shops with expenses covered by church. If both sides want to continue after that time, that can be discussed but we felt having a set amount of time may be helpful for some. There is no expectation in this, it is purely for the reasons stated above, life and faith can be tough at times and it really helps to have someone walking alongside us, praying for us and cheering us on!