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Soul Survivor 2017

We’re back from our first and awesome trip to Soul Survivor. It was amazing to worship Jesus together to be reminded of his love for us and to tackle those things that have worn us down. told us we’re not worthy and made us feel rubbish. We were all reminded how much God loves us and how he enables us to live in that freedom, share it with others, pray for others and help those in need.

I absolutely loved it and I’m so excited to take them and even more young people next year. But for now, it’s putting that lived out love into practice, to go and love and inspire like Jesus in our everyday groups, interactions and relationships.

I felt so privileged to see so many young people worshipping Jesus and over 1,000 young people choose Jesus for the first time, just in the week we were there! And it was great to get to know other young people who we camped, ate and shared with, they made it so special.

God is good, God is awesome. God is love. God makes the difference.


Soul Survivor!


In a week’s time some of our young people are off to Soul Survivor for the first time.

It’s time to learn more about jesus and his love for us and the world and how we can make a difference.

Please keep the young people in your prayers, we’re excited for a fantastic week together!