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Last night at FNY we had a prayer room available to pray for our world and for events closer to home, including this week’s Manchester attack. It’s important that our young people know that God cares deeply about these things and to give them an opportunity to respond and reflect in times like this.

We continue to pray for manchester and our world, for love, hope and peace.

There’s always hope…


This week Steve and I have been into Manor High School, sharing the message of Pentecost with over 900 young people. A reminder that we celebrate God’s love and invitation for everyone, the invitation is universal, the response is personal but even the most surprising “outsiders” aren’t outside God’s love. We shared this story to show God in action in this truth. *click the picture to see the video.

It was well received by the staff and students and we hope and pray that they will have taken something away with them this week. 🙂

Youth Mentoring


We are just starting a mentoring programme with our young people, providing them with mentor from church who they can talk life and faith with, who they can ask questions of and share experiences, who can be faithfully praying for them in the ups and downs of life.

If this is something as a young person, you think you’d be interested in, then do let me know. 🙂

The current plan is to pair people up with a mentor for 6 months, meeting approx every 6 weeks in a cafe or coffee shops with expenses covered by church. If both sides want to continue after that time, that can be discussed but we felt having a set amount of time may be helpful for some. There is no expectation in this, it is purely for the reasons stated above, life and faith can be tough at times and it really helps to have someone walking alongside us, praying for us and cheering us on!

Q+A & Nachos

This Sunday, all welcome. We’ve had some cracking questions in these so far from “how do we know what to believe?” “Can the devil be forgiven?” “Why is there free will?” “Why didn’t Jesus come sooner?” “Why do bad things happen?” “What happens after we die?”
No question is stupid and no question is off limits. We’d love to see you there wherever you’re at in your life and faith 🙂
We eat lots and discuss questions together and you can share/talk as much or as little as you want, but they are great evenings, I always come Away feeling like I’ve learned so much and been encouraged.
So come along, bring your friends, you’ll be more than welcome

Weekend Away letters are out!


Preparations are underway and letters are going out for our annual Youth Weekend away!

A weekend of connecting with God, having space and quality time with each other, with sports, creative activities, camp fire, music, games, food and much more!

If you’d like to get a flavour of last year’s, here is the video. I suspect we may have a much bigger number this year, so get your forms in quick!

It is a well loved and exciting weekend where young people leave feeling loved by God and us, refreshed and inspired to make a difference in the world.

Video from last year