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Holiday Club Christmas!



We had an awesome time this afternoon with some of our Holiday Club pals with songs, crafts, games, films, stories, food and party bags! Thank you so much to everyone who made it happen and who came and made it such a fun and lovely afternoon.

We wish you every blessing this Christmas – you are warmly invited to join us Christmas Eve, 4pm for our Christingle service for all the family, but if we don’t see you, have a peaceful and joy-filled Christmas and New Year!

Love from all at St Paul’s Church x

IGNITE Christmas

We had a great time at Ignite as we explored the Christmas story through the people who were part of it, with monologues written and created by our young people to music, creative activities, praying and thinking of those who are refugees today and homeless and what we can do about it. We also reflected on how long a journey faith can be and all we can learn about God and his love for us and all people along the way.

Fab night, thanks to everyone who came and everyone who made it all happen 🙂

Christmas Assemblies


The Christmas story is FULL of surprises, risks and journeys, to FIND this baby Jesus. For CHRISTIANS, Christmas is that reminder of GOD COMING DOWN TO US, to be ONE OF US, not to enjoy the posh lifestyle but to WALK ALONGSIDE the average person, not to be born in a PALACE fit for a king but a STABLE, not born the RELIGIOUS LEADERS or important ROYALTY but to TEENAGER, not to be part of an IMPORTANT family but one that would become REFUGEES. Christians believe Jesus didn’t come for a FLYING VISIT, for the VIP SEAT but to experience REAL LIFE, and to show us how we should treat EVERYONE, from what the world sees as the LEAST TO THE GREATESTALL are invited into God’s story and family.

In church, we celebrate that Jesus came to be GOD WITH US, not just THEN but now and FOREVER, you may have noticed I haven’t used the John lewis advert this year – I know it’s had mixed reviews, but many that have COME BEFORE have had ONE THEME in common – the need to be LOVED AND KNOWN AND WANTED. From the SNOWMAN who treks across the mountains to buy a scarf for his snowman girlfriend, to the MAN ON THE MOON, to the PENGUIN without a penguin friend, to THE BEAR who had never experienced Christmas. Our human nature NEEDS AND WANTS TO BE LOVED, KNOWN AND WANTED. And that is what I believe as a CHRISTIAN the CHRISTMAS STORY and JESUS’ ARRIVAL are all about – that we NEVER HAVE TO FEEL alone, or unloved, or forgotten or unwanted because we HAVE SOMEONE who is forever WITH us, forever LOVES us however much we MESS UP at times, someone who forever WANTS US. And that for me is something worth celebrating at Christmas!

It’s been brilliant to share and celebrate this Christmas message with 950 young people this week who have been so fab!

Merry Christmas everyone!

IGNITE FOR ALL: Christmas Stories


Our young people have been busy writing and filming monologues for Ignite – this time for ALL AGES to share and explore the people behind the Christmas story, what they faced, what they risked, their fears, feelings and circumstances. This helps us to understand more who Jesus is when we see God invite into his story:

Teenagers, refugees, the forgotten, the arrogant, the lonely, the looked down upon, the important and the average – ALL who were loved and valuable and invited by God into this story.

Come along, bring your friends as we see these video monologues and explore what we can learn from them for our faith today through creative and reflective activities, videos, collect cards along the way, stories, glow sticks, sharpies, post its, music, hot chocolate and treats! 🙂

All ages, all welcome whether you have a faith or not 🙂 We’d love to see you there, it’s a relaxed, Christmassy and welcoming atmosphere open to all.

Sunday 11th Dec, 7pm-8:15pm at St Pauls Church, Hamble Road, Oadby. LE2 4NX