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Glow Partayyyy


Tonight we had an awesome time celebrating light and hope with glow stick hunts, glow stick games, tug of war, craft and food. We also watched a couple of videos, one which reminded us of the work of World Vision with children across the world who live in fear and danger all the time. We therefore followed their lead carving pumpkins with hearts in to think and pray for those living in fear and we made £25 to send to support their important work. And we finished it all off with some Goodie bags. Top night, top people, top God! #CelebrateLight #ShareTheLove

Ignite: When Tough Times Come


IGNITE is a relaxed atmosphere designed for young people and young adults to connect with God, wherever they’re at in their life and faith. This time we’re looking at what do we do when tough times come? Life is hard, painful and confusing at times and it doesn’t help to shy away from that. But how do we face it in the light of life and faith and doing it together. What does true courage look like?

There will be worship, videos, talk, and lots of pudding!

Freedom In Christ :)


A week on Sunday, in Tribe our 14s-18s group, we start our Freedom in Christ sessions 🙂 What difference can being a Christian make in our everyday lives, when we’re plagued with worry, expectations, pressure, hurts, disappointments, suffering, bullying, not feeling good enough… how can God make a difference in all of that. That is what these sessions are about – what does God say about us, how can that help us and what does that mean for our lives 🙂

So come along and join us 🙂 Newbies or non newbies, we’re a small and friendly bunch and we have awesome snacks in a chilled atmosphere where we can be ourselves, be honest about what we feel and think and support each other in life and and faith. You don’t have to know or understand lots about God, having doubts and questions is absolutely fine… don’t we all! 🙂

We have an event/group if you’d like to join so let us know 🙂

This starts Sunday 25th October – 10am – starting in The Barnabs Centre, Hamble Road, Oadby. LE2 4NX

For more info contact Lou:

So come along

This Sunday: Youth Breakfast


This Sunday is our month Youth Breakfast, we’ll have bacon cobs, croissants, tea and hot chocolate. We’ll also be looking ahead to the winter and those who are less fortunate than ourselves and what we could do to help, support or raise money to help and show God’s love in action. We’ll discuss what we’d like to do and how we might do that this sunday.

So come and join us 🙂 Newbies and non newbies, it’s a relaxed atmosphere where we’re just ourselves 🙂

We’ll also be showing the Youth Weekend away video in church, so come along and see that too.

This Sunday – 10am – St Paul’s Church, Hamble Road, Oadby. 🙂

Weekend Away 2015

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We’re back from our weekend away, had an awesome time with some fab young people. We looked at the theme: Lost and Found, how God’s love never ends or gives up on us, whatever we’ve done, however near or far we feel, he loves and welcomes us back time and time again.

As well as our sessions we enjoyed football, basketball, baking cookies, eating cookies, crafty things, badminton, ice-cream milkshakes, music jams, zip wires, sparklers, chill time, frisbee, Uno, Jenga, games and lots of food and fun together 🙂

Bring on next year… the video from the weekend away will be shown in church this sunday so come along to see that and we’ve got our prayer breakfast. All welcome 🙂 10am This Sunday at St Paul’s church, Oadby 🙂



We’re reclaiming Halloween a day early with our Glow Party to celebrate light, goodness, love and hope with games, food, neon face paint, glow sticks, videos and activities not only to have fun but also to remember those less fortunate than ourselves who live in fear or hopelessness.


Come along newbies or non newbies as we celebrate light and remember those who could do with some more light in their lives.



And we’re off! Please pray for our young people and us as leaders as we spend a weekend away to stop, rest and reconnect with God. This is a brilliant opportunity for us to learn more about God and His love for us wherever we’re at in our lives and faith, even when we feel far away from God and faith, He is close to us and ready to love and welcome us home.