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Light Prayers


This morning in our youth session, we took time to stop, reflect and pray for those caught up in the attacks on Friday. For some it hit close to home and it was a reminder for all of us of the need to pray for our world, to pray for peace and love but also to be peace and love wherever we are.

We lit a candle for each prayer we prayed and each candle was lit by another as our prayers, thoughts and love spread and connected with our fellow human beings across the world.

Sometimes we become so focused on our own lives we disconnect with those outside of it, our prayers today and our prayer for our lives is that as Romans 12:15 say: “We rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep.”

Life is not about all ME, it’s about US together and the God who loves us.

Weekend Away 2015


The preparations are starting for our weekend away in October (9th-11th) it’s a time to reconnect with God in awesome surroundings, with some faith based sessions as we look at the theme of lost and found using Videos, Bible, Prayer, Music and Creativity to explore how precious we are to God and the challenges we face in life and faith.

We’ll also have some quality time together, relaxing, eating, playing sports and games, baking and being creative. We had a fab time last time we went and we’d love you to join us this time, it doesn’t matter how much you know about faith we’re all learning and growing together 🙂

The cost is £40 but we are happy to help cover cost if that is an issue.

If you need a letter let me know, if you’re interested please bring your form to us 🙂

You can contact me at:

Lou 🙂

if you need a letter for it let me know, if you’re interested please bring your forms back

Spring Harvest 2016!


At Easter some of our young people went to Spring harvest, a 5 day Christian event with worship, talks, fun, food and quality time together. There’s also access to the Butlin’s facilities such as the swimming pool, fare ground and lots of other fun places. The cost is £200 which includes food but if cost is an issue and you want to go, let us know and we’re happy to helps with that smile emoticon Let me know if you’re interested as booking opens soon and apartments go fast, we booked for easter this time last year!
If you want more info: or contact Lou:

This Sunday in Tribe…


This week we are revisiting the topic of relationships, looking broadly at all kinds of relationships and how we deal with issues like disappointment, pressures, comparisons, forgiveness, sexuality, finding the right person, singleness, porn and where does God fit into all of this?

We’ll of course have food and hot chocolate as always and it’s a chance to ask questions as well as to find out more.

All welcome, we’ll be starting in the Barnabas centre at 10am. Come along 🙂