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Disappointed with others

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This week in Tribe we had a prayer breakfast, reflecting on how we deal with those times when people disappoint us. That might be ways that people have hurt us or let us down whether that’s people we love or those we look up to and admire. We looked at the importance of forgiveness for us and others and how some of these times can shape the people we become. (Hence the Jellybaby version of me! ^)

My Story


This week I am sharing my story of faith with 900 young people at Manor High School. We are blessed to have the opportunity to regularly come into the school and share a bit about our faith and the different Christian festivals. This week we’re looking at Easter and as a Christian, Easter Changes Everything, a theme we looked at at our previous Ignite a few weeks ago. I shared my story of what Jesus has done for me and that this has been everything to me during my childhood and my Leukaemia and the lessons I learned even in some of the darkest and toughest times that are still saving and serving me today. I don’t regret them and I wouldn’t change them because they have made my faith and me who I am today. God is good in everything and His love and grace changes everything ❤

FNY Tonight


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Tonight we had a very sporty and busy FNY with Badminton, Hockey and a game of murder in the dark thrown in! Good times rounded off with easter presents to enjoy chocolate and remember the true meaning of Easter 🙂

Next week will be our last week before the Easter holidays and anyone who missed out on a present this week can get one next week 🙂

IGNITE: Easter Changes Everything


We had our 3rd IGNITE tonight, focusing on Easter and the build up to it not just while Jesus was on earth but God’s plan all along. Jesus’ faithfulness and love is shown at the cross and his dedication to us spans eternity. We also enjoyed lots of pudding and rocked out some worship 🙂 Great night, thanks to everyone who came, we missed those who couldn’t make it. Why not try out our next one? Watch this space 🙂 The next one is on the big question: “Is it okay to doubt?” 🙂

Tribal Easter :)


On the 31st March we will be celebrating easter with easter egg hunts, easter egg related games, chocolate goodies, a film and easter goodie bags! 🙂 Easter is centred around Good Friday and Easter Sunday which are great times for celebration as they bring forgiveness, hope and second chances for those who trust in Jesus.

Tuesday 31st March – 6pm-9pm – St Paul’s Church 🙂

Tribal Spiritual Gifts :)


Fab session this morning in Tribe about Spiritual Gifts, it was so encouraging to reflect that so many of them are already in action within the group and used in a way that helps to build us and others up 🙂

1 Peter 4:10:

“God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another.” 🙂

IGNITE This sunday :)

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This Sunday! We have our 3rd IGNITE focused on Easter and the difference it makes to our lives.

Ignite is a worship space designed for young people, it’s a relaxed atmosphere to connect with God wherever you’re at in your life and faith.

There will be Videos, a Talk by Lou McGoldrick, Worship Band, Prayer & of course LOTS OF PUDDING!

It’s free, all young people are welcome 🙂

This Sunday – 6:30pm-7:45pm – St Paul’s Church, Hamble Road, Oadby. Leicester. LE2 4NX.

Rooted: What’s life all about?


Tonight we had our first Rooted session looking at Youth Alpha Week 1: What’s life all about?

Using a DVD video to ask questions, discuss and see what other people think, we looked at what it means when Jesus says he is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE and what difference that could make to our lives and what’s important to us.

We’ll be continuing next week with WHO IS JESUS and more questions 🙂

Check out what we’re using here:

All welcome – After FNY – 9pm-9:30pm in St Paul’s Church, every Friday. Come along 🙂

Tribe: This Sunday


This Sunday we’ll be looking at Spiritual Gifts 🙂 What are they they, why do we need them and how do we use them? It’s amazing to see how the Church works together with such a mixture of personalities, backgrounds and gifts, we’ll find out how God uses all of those and weaves us together to be a family on a mission 🙂

This Sunday – 10am – The Barnabas Centre, Hamble Road, Oadby. Leicester LE2 4NX.

With Hot Chocolate and treats 🙂

All welcome!