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What Does God Say About… Alcohol?


Alcohol has become a big part of our society and a big part of what it means to have fun and a good time, but what does God say about it? It may not be quite as boring as we expect it to be and in understanding why He guides us in this way…we may discover more about him, us and the life we were made for. Come and find out more with goodies and hot chocolate 🙂

All welcome ages 11-16 years. This Sunday – 10am

The Barnabus Centre, Hamble Rd, Oadby. LE2 4NX

Prayer Breakfast: How we Spend Our Time :)


This Sunday we have our prayer breakfast, so we’ll enjoy some time eating and chatting and we’ll also have a chance to reflect on What does God say about how we spend our time using various creative activities. We’ll also have a chance to pray and bring anything on our hearts and minds to God.

You don’t have to be Churchy, you don’t have to be a Christian – everyone is welcome 🙂

This Sunday 10am – we’ll be starting in Church and then go to our group. We’ll also be showing the video from the weekend away so you don’t want to miss that! 🙂



IGNITE! A worship space designed for young people to connect with God, helping connect living the life God has made us for us and the culture we live in.

We’ll have worship and a talk by Lou, Prayer, a Video and Free pudding and Hot Chocolate. Who could want any more than that?! Our theme is Great Expectations – there are so many pressure and expectations on us, the question is what is really important and how can we live in that freedom? 🙂

Come along – it’s open to all young people across Leicestershire.

Sign up on our Facebook event so we can buy plenty of pudding!

Email: for any more info 🙂


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Looking for an alternative to Halloween? We are going to be celebrating the awesomeness of light with a fun and florescent Neon Light party! We’ll have games, challenges, neon face paints, glow sticks, food and goodie bags as we celebrate light instead of darkness 🙂

Friday 31st October – 7:30pm-9pm @ St Paul’s Church, Hamble Road. Oadby. Come along. Ages 10-16 years –

All welcome 🙂

What Does God Say About…Busyness


Feeling busy, stressed and like you need more hours in the day?! That’s pretty much all of us right??… but when the pressure’s on, often the thing that gets dropped is our time with God…but what does God say about busyness and how can we integrate God into even our busiest days without needing a Narnia cupboard! Come and join us at Tribe this Sunday (19th). 10am – St Paul’s Church, Hamble Road, Oadby. LE2 4NX. Ages 11-16. All welcome 🙂

St Paul’s Youth Weekend Away ’14

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This weekend we took 9 young people away from Tribe and FNY to the Harby Christian Centre for a time of fellowship, God time, fun and food!
We had 4 sessions looking at what God says about us, what he has done for us and the difference he can make in our lives. We also had football, basketball, volleyball, team games, challenges, a great British bake off competition, worship, prayer, music jam time, star gazing, time with friends, lots of food and a chance to get away from the pressures and challenges of life.
We all had an awesome time with the young people feeling that they had learned more about God and how loved and valued and amazing they are – and we couldn’t ask for more than that! 🙂 a huge thank you to the young people and leaders who made it possible. Bring on the next one! 🙂