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Make Lunch :)


Our Make Lunch Project is continuing to make progress ready for our October Half Term Launch. If you know anyone who may benefit from this, please contact us. We’re hoping to link up with our local Oadby Food bank too as well as the Schools in our local area.

Make Lunch aims to fill the holiday hunger gap for those children who usually receive Free School Meals and may go without during the holidays.

We love our community and we hope to support the people in it and beyond however we can.

Please pray for this as we continue to plan and prepare.

Identity: An Exploring Faith Course for Young People


If you’re a young person looking to explore what the Christian faith is about, or if you already have faith and you just want to get back to basics, we have a 7 week course, specially designed to suit you. It has videos, games, pudding, hot chocolate and meaty discussion on the difference Jesus can make in our lives and why knowing our identity in Him is important.

We look at:

The God who created us

The God who wants to rescue us

The God we were made for

The God who wants to comfort us

The God who loves relationship

The God who died for us

The God who wants to persuade us.


We’re currently working out the best day/time…we’re looking into either Wednesday evening 7-8:30pm or Sunday afternoon 4-5:30pm. It will start after the October half term.

Please let us know if you’re interested, let us know what day/time suits you best.

It’s open to all, whether you’re connected with St Paul’s Youth Work or not 🙂

Contact Lou:

The Last FNY of this term: Sun, Ice Poles and a Chance to Reflect.


For our last FNY of the term we had some fun in the sun with Ice poles, Football and Hockey.

We also took some time to reflect on what are the most pressing and important subjects, topics and issues for our young people right now. They were given 2 dot stickers to identify 2 that were particularly important to them, because what matters to them matters to us and we may be exploring some of those topics in creative ways in the new term 🙂

We also collected some reflections on the group as a whole and many people said that they could be themselves, that they felt free and happy and enjoyed meeting new people and building new friendships. Tonight was a real encouragement for us as leaders, we’re very proud of them. 🙂



We know that Free School Meals make a huge difference to almost 2 million children in the UK, but when schools are closed…so are the kitchens, Make Lunch is a project run by churches working to fill the holiday hunger gap.

Stats show that during the holidays, many children who have Free School Meals, go without a hot meal or any meal at all when this service isn’t available.

We have recently opened a Food Bank in Oadby and we’ve had an amazing response to this, we hope that the Make Lunch Project will be another opportunity to serve our community in this way by providing a hot, healthy meal, games, activities and fun for primary school age children who are entitled to Free School Meals or who are in need of this service but may not fit the Free School Meal Criteria.

The gap between the rich and poor in the UK is wider than it has ever been since the 2nd World War. Now is the time to make a difference, however small… for the church to be God’s love, hands and feet to serve people.

We aim to pilot this project in the October half Term.

101 Days Until Our Youth Weekend Away :)

101 Days Until Our Youth Weekend Away :)

If anyone would like to join us who hasn’t signed up yet just let me know.
We’ve got fun and creative sessions learning more about who Jesus is and what He says is true about us and what He does for us. We’ve got sports, games, baking, worship, a music workshop, wide games, open mic session, food, hot chocolate and some great time together.

We’ll be based at the Harby Christian Centre in Melton Mowbray, the cost is £40 for the weekend but we are providing subsidies for whoever needs it, we want anyone who wants to be there, to be able to come 🙂

If you’re interested please contact Lou: